Top 10 Digital Transformation Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

Digital transformation is no longer a trend that enterprises can consider to adopt. Instead, it is now a necessity for businesses that aim to thrive competitively in the market. 2020 shows promise of leaders finally taking charge and working together with operational departments and IT teams to fully understand what is required to create real change and innovation.

AI, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing have already begun to influence customer interactions and business processes. With the flare of smart technology, AI has spurred digital transformation through chatbots, machine learning, robotics, deep learning, image recognition, speech recognition, natural language processing, and sentiment analysis.

The territory of big data will overcome challenges related to data security, the volume of data, data explosion, unstructured data, data integration to generate valuable insights in real-time. Augmented Analytics makes use of data produced from digital business systems, such as HR automation, financial software, and ERP practices and offers hidden and unique business insights above and beyond general analytics.

This immense advancement in technologies is a blessing for businesses that aim to grow quickly and gain a competitive edge. While some are already exploring and adopting these recent trends to stay on top of the competition, some are in the consideration phase and some are still stuck with traditional ways.

This edition of CIOReview features companies that are at the forefront of offering digital transformation consulting/services . CIOReview’s editorial board has assessed and shortlisted some of the most prominent organizations in the industry that solve digital transformation challenges by implementing the current technological trends in the space. We present to you – “10 Most Promising Digital Transformation Consulting/Services Companies – 2020”.

    Top 10 Digital Transformation Consulting/Services Companies - 2020

  • 1

    Acquis Consulting Group is a leader in Digital Transformation, preparing organizations to adopt digital technologies that optimize customer experience. Acquis combines technology knowledge and integration expertise, strategic decision-making, and management consulting services to help clients achieve operational excellence and organizational transformation. By bringing together emerging technologies and best practices to manage CX effectively, Acquis ensures its clients can be nimble and responsive to evolving market demands and customer needs. The company empowers its clients to transform their business models by optimizing their customer journeys and maximizing digital technologies across customer interactions

  • 2

    Asentech has been in the business for over a decade forming trusted and high value partnerships with brands to help them deliver differentiated experiences to HCPs and patients with the aim to increase engagement and positive outcomes. Over time, Asentech’s services portfolio has expanded to include social media research, omni-channel analytics, analytics enablement, campaign orchestration, development of large-scale enterprise applications / proprietary tech platforms, and more recently, AR / VR and Voice apps. Asentech has the privilege of working with many Fortune 100 Life Sciences companies in US, EU, Middle East and APAC

  • 3

    Concentre is a Dallas based boutique technology and management consulting firm, combining management consulting experience with passion for technology to drive impactful business outcomes for world class clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to mid-market firms. The company combines blue-chip consulting experience, practical technology insight, and entrepreneurial velocity to drive measurable business outcomes for its clients, ranging from mid-market companies to leading global brands. The firm boasts a roster of experienced personnel and leverages specifically chosen SMEs along with deep insights into best practices to address clients’ most complex business and technology challenges

  • 4

    Envision Technology Advisors is one of the premier providers of business and technology consulting services in the Northeast. Envision’s specialties include Digital Transformation, cybersecurity, cloud and managed services, virtualization for both desktops and data centers, network and infrastructure consulting, website design and development, and more. The company believes that this clarity of purpose will be a very attractive message for clients who need to make sense of the noise surrounding digital transformation in 2020. The company will be the definitive, unbiased voice for Digital Transformation and transform your platform, people, processes, and products

  • 5

    ExTech Ideas is a digital workforce innovation company focusing specifically on digital transformation in the industrial manufacturing sector. ExTech Ideas maintains the agility and culture of a startup to bring fresh, action-biased mindsets to the table. This enables clients to see the benefits of their investments in months, as opposed to the traditional, lengthy and expensive digital transformation programs that may deliver value in years. ExTech Ideas’ value proposition has enabled the company to carve a unique niche in the space, helping them earn several reputed clients

  • 6

    Levio is a provider of consulting services intended to facilitate program and project management. The company utilizes expertise to adapt to client's organization and deliver services such as program and project management, business management, integration, configuration and development services, infrastructure and software development, enabling clients to to operationalize changes on the ground. Levio takes on the end-to-end accountability for the outcome of a digital transformation initiative, and as a business and IT consultancy, works in partnership with its customers to plan and execute major transformation initiatives

  • 7

    TTC helps enterprise organizations undergo digital transformation so that their new competitive advantage is the ability to deliver quality software at scale. The company combines powerful software tools and technologies with the best operational expertise to deliver software assurance for digital organizations. With a stronghold in digital enablement, TTC’s comprehensive range of services includes Agile Testing, DevOps Testing, DevOps Dojo, Robotic Process Automation, and software testing as a service. Additionally, TTC also offers the TTC Academy, a training division that focuses on upskilling the company’s resources or team of consultants

  • 8

    Wavestone US, a Radnor-based IT consulting firm, supports its clients throughout their entire digital transformation journey. The company has come up with a peer-to-peer approach to assess what an IT organization is doing or where they are spending their money to be able of providing them with a series of recommendations on how to reorganize or implement different sourcing strategies. To help fight the skill shortage, Wavestone US has a line of interim services called account solutions to help clients get through a rough patch in skills once they have determined their requirements. Additionally, the company offers contract staff to help the client grow, placement services to get them the required staffing and skills, and also critical training services

  • 9

    A digital transformation services provider that employs a unique approach in helping firms navigate through major digital initiatives from turning the vision into actionable steps and providing a clear and definable path to completion. To efficiently assist its clients, Xentaurs identifies the desired solution as well as the obstacles that might disrupt key digital transformations. Once the issues are uncovered and prioritized a strategy is developed to bring a clear and concise plan between all participating departments ensuring that they are working toward a common objective

  • 10

    Yenlo helps in the entire enterprise integration through its unique solution architecture, software development, and managed WSO2 cloud Platform Connext. They offer integration tools for applications, data, and business processes in the internal IT landscape. The company’s solutions help meet the clients’ demands for agility and digitization of business processes. Yenlo has made its mark since its inception in 2007 as a Certified Premier Partner and Value-added Reseller of open-source technology providerWSO2, offering pioneering integration services globally