StraViso: Materializing AI-powered Business Processes

Subodh Goyal, CEO
Digital Transformation, often an over-utilized term, is more than a goal, but an ongoing process of efficiently leveraging advanced tools to meet the evolving needs of customers.

It is essential for any business to deliver high-quality products at low operational costs while enhancing their customers’ experiences. Organizations also need seamless collaboration among different teams within the enterprise to break down silos and utilize available resources to their full potential. StraViso, a Dallas-based company, provides cloudbased communications, analytical and AI-powered software products which help organizations increase operational efficiencies, grow revenues while enhancing their customer’s experience.

Leveraging decades of expertise working with global clients, StraViso takes a strategic approach to understand the client’s business operations and technological infrastructure. Through its SaaS-based, AI-integrated software products, StraViso enables real-time communication, collaboration and automation of interactions and processes such as customer notifications, response handling, auditing, reporting, employee performance management, and many more.

StraViso’s communication software enables proactive, multi-channel, two-way communication, including notifications and chats between customers, technicians, and agents. The platforms handle business functions, including field service management, service delivery, sales order processing, billing management, asset tracking, and customer support. StraViso’s AI-powered automation software helps clients orchestrate their services in an omnichannel, efficient and responsive manner. Additionally, StraViso’s nanoBots can be assigned and trained to operate on any task at any time.

“StraViso’s solutions are designed to help companies fine-tune their business operations and provide highquality customer experiences at reduced operational costs,” explains Subodh Goyal, CEO, StraViso.

To further elaborate on StraViso’s capabilities, Goyal recalls a Fortune 200 company with a target to improve the efficiency and productivity of their 6000+ field engineers. StraViso’s solutions helped the client automate and streamline 100+ functional processes supporting their 10+ million customers.

StraViso’s solutions are designed to help companies fine-tune their business operations and deliver highquality products or services at low operational costs,” explains Subodh Goyal, CEO, StraViso

Currently, StraViso’s software successfully handles over 200,000 events daily, digitalizes 80 percent of field activities, and provides complete traceability of inventory assets. More than 50 percent of their interactions are addressed by StraViso nano-bots without a human touch – thereby significantly reducing operating costs.

With improvements in the efficiency of its 14,000+ employees and 6000+ field technicians, the client saw a 38-point increase in its Net Promoter Score (NPS) within a year. StraViso’s advanced technology platform, when applied to the client’s business processes, drove an 11 percent reduction in operational costs. Recollecting on the implementation, Goyal says, “We are an experienced, energetic, and customer-centric team focused providing our innovative, hyperconfigurable AI solutions that become part of our client’s transformational journey.”

With implementations in as little as six weeks, StraViso’s deep expertise and software products are capable of delivering accelerated business value. The company’s solutions allow decisionmakers to obtain real-time views of all business functions while assisting them in taking the necessary action to supervise their teams.

Since its incorporation, StraViso has optimized the crucial business functions of large industries across the Fortune 500 spectrum. Currently, StraViso is adding a subscription-based model allowing large businesses and SMB’s streamlined access to its powerful digital intelligence software.


Frisco, TX

Subodh Goyal, CEO

StraViso, a Frisco, Texas-based company provides analytical and AI-based solutions to increase an organization’s operational efficiency and revenue generation capabilities while enhancing their customer experience. With decades of proficiency working with global clients, StraViso takes a strategic approach to understand the client’s business operations and their existing technological infrastructure during collaborations and engagements. The company then enables real-time collaboration and automates processes such as auditing, reporting, customer response tracking, employee performance management, and many more by customizing its wide range of SaaS-based, AI integrated solutions in accordance with business requirements