Top 10 Digital Transformation Service Companies - 2021

One of the positive impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a drastic uptick in the use of digital technologies that help reduce face-to-face interactions and safeguard customer and employee health. As the ‘digital’ demand keeps increasing, various cloud-based services are emerging as the most preferred option for business growth and expansion. Enterprises are moving their applications to the cloud to increase the flexibility of business functions while aiding the employees to seamlessly work from home. Also, one must bear in mind that since ‘home is the new branch office,’ it requires careful thought regarding how to optimize and secure connectivity.

On that note, organizations are looking at creative ways to address the most commonly cited barriers to successful digital innovation and transformation by using artificial intelligence (AI). They are using AI to pay attention to the siloed employee behaviors and formulate a more unified, organization-wide digitalization approach with a greater chance of success.

At this juncture, many digital transformation solutions and services providers, along with emerging companies, are entering the domain with advanced and integrated offerings. To help the IT sector strengthen its operational capabilities and simultaneously enable growth in the industry, CIOReview has compiled this edition. The list comprises prominent organizations in the industry that address issues pertinent to digital transformation by implementing current trends. Besides, the magazine also includes insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for aspiring CIOs.

We present to you CIOReview’s, “10 Most Promising Digital Transformation Service Companies – 2021

    Top Digital Transformation Service Companies

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    Audley Consulting Group’s solution focuses on a seamless end-to-end approach to digital transformation by breaking the activity silos. The company promotes agile in an effort to deliver useful content to clients in the shortest possible timeframes. They advocate for sound Enterprise Architecture principles to be incorporated in clients’ practices such that they can benefit from a dispassionate and effective portfolio management. Further, Audley Consulting Group constantly assesses its clients’ IT needs and recommends cloud migration strategies in order to future proof their IT delivery. Finally, they relentlessly promote DevSecOps practices and focus on automation which reduces time to delivery and creates reliability and repeatability in the delivery pipeline

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    Base22 is a powerful digital firm that helps global brands and companies build and cement their platforms and solutions. Utilizing a digital transformation framework, Base22 builds modern applications for a digital world, helping its clients achieve their business objectives. Offering technology, design, and strategy in each of its projects, the company provides its clients with a completeness of vision and a stable base to grow and expand their business. Focusing on better customer interfaces delivered through data and data intelligence, Base22 helps clients increase customer engagement and efficiency

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    Facet Interactive is a digital strategy agency that offers a metrics-driven strategy to small- and medium-sized companies to develop new solutions and transform digitally

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    FROM helps companies transform their teams and processes to succeed with today’s digital-first customers. FROM, works hand in hand with large brands to drive their success in a digital world. To help clients achieve their goals, FROM undertakes customer and competitive research to understand the opportunities, develops prototypes and journey maps and perhaps most importantly helps executives sell their vision and case for change. Part of FROM’s “secret sauce” are workshop-based methodologies which bring together diverse teams from both the client and agency side to generate higher quality ideas as well as foster alignment. FROM uses their own flavor of design thinking to ensure that digital products are both well aligned with customer needs as well as architected and built in such a way that they can deliver on the high expectations of today’s customers as well as evolve rapidly

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    Innover provides end-to-end Digital Transformation solutions that deliver ROI-driven outcomes for its customers. The company’s deep domain expertise and empathy-driven approach empower it to understand unique customer business problems and create an innovative yet sustainable business model fueled by new-age technologies. Innover has carved out an enviable reputation for itself by making digital transformation a reality for a global customer base including 65+ Fortune 1000 companies. From accelerated speed of implementation to ensuring minimum business disruption to effective change management, Innover takes accountability of all critical factors that hold the key to a successful digital deployment

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    Natsoft is a boutique global software consulting, application development, maintenance, staffing, and remote infrastructure company offering tailor-made services and solutions including using emerging technologies

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    TransformHub, a promising young global digital solutions provider, addresses this issue with its innovative and forward-thinking digital transformation approach. The firm is at the forefront of offering digital transformation strategies and expert advice around Product Engineering, Mobility, Enterprise Integrations, Data & Analytics, Cloud & DevOps, Intelligent Automation. TransformHub's robust digital transformation solutions help clients strengthen three main areas that is necessary to achieve success in a digital world: digital strategy, customer experience, and technology. Cooperatively, these three factors resolve any challenge that disturbs its client's digital progress. "We have a solution mindset to tackle any challenge

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    Converge Technology Solutions

    Converge Technology Solutions

    Converge Technology Solutions Corp. is a North American Software-enabled, Hybrid IT solution provider focused on delivering industry-leading solutions and services

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    Envision Technology Advisors

    Envision Technology Advisors

    The company goes beyond the digital transformation buzzword to transform platform, people, processes, and products

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    Levio is a business and IT consultancy that works in partnership with its customers to plan and execute major transformation initiatives